Surflogic Stories

Txintxe Alberdi | The local knowledge in Senegal

16 February, 2024

¨When I first got here, everything felt so different! But then, in just a few minutes, I realized something incredible: the people here and the waves you can catch are absolutely awesome! – Txintxe Alberdi

Africa was always somewhere I dreamed of going. When I decided to go on my own adventure, picking a destination was a no-brainer. I looked at the maps showing where the waves were going to be best, and after hearing all the fantastic things about this place, I knew it was time to pack my bags and head here.

I was staying in Dakar for the majority of time, and every day was like a new adventure waiting to happen. From exploring hidden beaches to trying out local things, there was always something exciting to do. The scenery in Senegal was breathtaking, picture-perfect sunsets and endless stretches of sandy beaches that seemed to go on forever. It’s safe to say, this trip was everything I hoped for and more.

“The locals were amazing! They took me to many different spots, and it felt as if I were one of their friends. After surfing together a lot, I couldn’t do anything else but leave my board as a gift for them.” – Txintxe Alberdi