Surflogic Stories

A new product born from the demands of our Big Wave Surfers

14 April, 2024

Multiple of our Big Wave Surfers came to us with a common problem: the struggle of transporting multiple pieces of equipment fast and on the go when waves are absolutely firing. Besides, they needed a simple, practical solution to dry and store their wetsuits and impact vests together. Understanding their needs, we crafted the Vest Hanger Vpro.

With this new hanger, their post-surf organization became a breeze. With its multifunction hand grip, portability is effortless, allowing for easy transportation of all gear essentials. Plus, it features additional hooks for hanging helmets or hoodies, ensuring nothing gets left behind.

However this product was crafted for Big Wave Surfers, it isn’t just for them; its very practical to a wide range of water sports enthusiasts, including wing foilers and kitesurfers, kayak, jetski or any other sports where a impact or life vest is required. The Vest Hanger Vpro simplifies gear management, offering convenience and organization for all aquatic adventures.