Pierre Rollet, the new ambassador for Surflogic

Surflogic welcomes the young French waterman as its ambassador. Despite only being 24 years old Pierre, originally from the French part of the Basque Country, has had incredible international recognition from the start of his sports career and in spite of being discrete, he has won the respect of some of the greatest surfers in Europe. From a young age he stood out due his surfing talent, which lead him to become one of the French team on numerous occasions as a junior competitor, reaching 3rdposition in Europe and 11thin the world.

Pierre Rollet in his car. Photo ©Surflogic

Later he decided to continue studying rather than completely dedicating himself to surf, meaning he had to abandon his career as a pro junior, but allowing him to try out new things. After only 3 years stand up paddling he became the French champion an runner-up in Europe in the waves category. But as a great admirer of the sea, what he really enjoys is big wave surfing, and this is where his technique and experience really make him stand out. Dedicating himself 100%, he prepares himself physically and psychologically for big swells. As a result he spends a large amount of time in Nazaré (Portugal) where he can often find perfect conditions and Pierre has managed to get a number of his waves selected, in paddling category and tow in for the “WSL Big Wave Awards” which is known as the ¨Big Wave Oscars¨

Pierre Rollet taking off @Nazare paddling wave. ©Rafael Riancho


Javier González Vega CEO of Surflogic assures us that “Pierre is a true reflection of the brand. He shares a great passion and respect for the sea and surf. Although he is very young, he has extensive experience in the world of big wave surfing, which has turned him into and authentic waterman. We are really happy to have him representing the brand and contributing with his ideas and experience to enable us to continue developing great accessories”.

Pierre Rollet on a huge wave @Nazaré photo ©Rafael Riancho

Pierre believes that “Surflogic is a brand which suits my tastes. A new brand with new ideas with all its products designed to make surfing life easier. As a waterman all the products are useful in my daily life”.

Follow Pierre’s adventures on Instagram @Rolletpierre