Indar Unanue new ambassador for Surflogic

Surflogic is happy to welcome the Basque Waterman Indar Unanue as the brand’s International ambassador. Indar (‘strength’ in Basque) is originally from San Sebastian but has lived in Zarautz since he was 10 and forms a part of the second generation of local surfers.

From a young age Indar started to stand out in competitions and in powerful waves. At just 19 years old he went on his first trip to Hawaii which was a turning point in his career and wave became one of the most talked about of the season in Hawaii. In the most powerful swell that winter he caught one of the biggest waves in the legendary spot, Waimea with a 7’6 board and surrounded by the most famous big wave riders in the world. The photo was published and commented on by numerous surf media outlets and this launched him into worldwide fame.

Indar Unanue at Nazare, Portugal. Photography by Rafael Riancho

From here onwards he started to combine the WQS tour with adventurous trips to places like Iceland, Canada, Norway, Tasmania, New Zealand, Namibia etc searching for the perfect waves whilst also taking advantage of the big swell in Europe.

Thanks to his perfected technique and his training Indar has stood out in the most extreme sessions in Europe and has also got excellent results in big wave competitions, like his two wins in the Punta Gale Challenge and second place in La Vaca Gigante.

For the last few years, he has dedicated his time to searching for the biggest swells in the world in the most famous big wave spots, like Mavericks (US) Puerto Escondido (Mexico), Mullaghmore (Irlanda) and Nazare (Portugal) making video footage for his sponsors.

Javier González Vega CEO of Surflogic assures us that ‘Indar is a true surfer, who loves what he does. I know few people capable to face these situations head on. He is, without a doubt, a respected surfer with respect from all over the world and with a huge amount of experience based around big wave riding. He represents our brand and shares our vision of surf. We are delighted to be able to have him for the next phase of Surflogic’.

Indar says that ‘at the moment I continue with the same energy to take big waves and I am also happy to form a part of the Surflogic family where I feel like I completely identify with their philosophy because I believe that I am a true waterman and everything they (Surflogic) do are great advantages for surfers in their daily life’