The nightmare of a wet wetsuit

Those of us who enjoy water sports know from experience…we hate putting our wetsuit on when it’s wet. It’s that simple and as we grow up it gets even worse.

The difference between a wet wetsuit and a dry wetsuit is like black and white.

It´s the difference between going for another session or not, between going to check your surf spot or not, between being motivated or not.

Now, you’ll say you have your own technique to dry the suit. You pass it several times through the tumble dryer, you make a towel-neoprene-towel sandwich and you step on it as if you were squeezing juice out of grapes, but it doesn´t matter how much you want it, in winter time the suit does not dry 100% … And it always happens when we least want it to happen. Nightmare!

If you experience this nightmare day after day, you are lucky because your days of suffering are coming to an end. We, here at Surflogic, have designed a wetsuit dryer capable of drying your wetsuit completely in just half an hour… At this stage we can not give you many details but if you want to be the first to find out click here and enter your email in the registration section.