Iker Muñoz - Surflogic Ambassador - Highlight drop Amuitz

Interview to Iker Muñoz about big wave surfing

We catch up with Iker a few days ago mid way of the European big wave season to ask him few things about big wave surfing.

Winter 17-18. Highlights?

Concerning my surfing, the biggest highlight is that I’m getting a better pace in my big wave sessions increasing the number of waves I used to catch. This happened during the biggest sesh of the winter in my home spot called Amuitz where I managed to make a crazy drop on the bomb of the day.

On another hand, I’m competing in more big wave contests than ever and getting good results. But the most important to me is that I’m having so much fun in them and feeling comfortable specially in the Punta Galea Challenge sharing the line up with some of my big wave heros.

If “La Vaca Gigante” runs this winter I will have participated in every big wave contest in Spain.

Surf gear

  • Boards Strech 8,11 x 20 x 2 3/4 thruster
  • Lines 9’4 x 21 x 3 ¼ thruster for bigger waves
  • Lines 10’0 x 21 ½ x 3 ½ 5 fin plugs for quad or truster set up for huge waves

I’ve been riding a lot my 10 footer but I’m trying to use smaller boards now.

Concerning life vest, I still don’t have an inflatable one so I use a kiteboard impact vest in every big wave session. I also have a Patagonia surf vest but it floats too much so it’s hard to penetrate the surface during a wipe out. You have to learn how to fall down when wearing it.

I’m using 12” leg ropes on average days and 15” when I use my 10 footer.

Physical training

As I work in a surf school I’m lucky enough to keep fit thanks to my surf coaching lessons. Every monday I work on my body with a trainer and I also try to go to the swimming pool at least once a week to practice apnoea and swim.

Some times I meet Joking Solbes to go to the sea and practice apnoea. He is focused in spearfishing but we have fun practicing different kind of exercices.

Iker Muñoz, Surflogic Ambassador

Iker Muñoz - Surflogic Ambassador - Getting ready

Pictures by: Vincent Lantignac, Jaime Izquierdo.