A surf trip to Scotland

When we travel in search of perfect waves, at first stage we always think about warm destinations, but there are other options less crowded and with a special charm like cold water destinations.

Of course you have to be ready for the cold and some kind of complications.

Scotland is a little traveled destination by surfers. Maybe it is due to the hardness of its climate, its powerful waves or its inaccessibility.

However, for true surfers, those who put the adventure and experience ahead of comfort and warmth, it is a rewarding place.

Our friends told us that surfing there acquires another dimension. You have to be constantly checking a changing weather, manage your food when going to surf in remote spots and assess the risks you get in some breaks as the road to the nearest hospital can be very long.

In any case, we love these stories of authentic surf trips.

Pictures by Jaime Izquierdo.