Surflogic Stories

Xabi Lopez | A Big Wave Adventure in the Basque Country

15 noviembre, 2023

Every day, we keep an eye on the weather predictions, hoping to catch sight of some big waves for our surfing adventures. But you know what? Those forecasts can be as unpredictable as the waves themselves. We might expect a massive swell, but until we’re out there at the crack of dawn, we can’t say for sure if those waves will be as huge as we thought. And even if they are, there’s no guarantee that the wind and tide will cooperate to give us the perfect surfing conditions.

This particular day, we woke up before the sun did, excitement buzzing in the air. As we drove to the beach in the dark of night, there was a feeling of anticipation mixed with the chill of the early morning air. When we arrived and saw the waves, it looked pretty good, but we actually had no idea how it really was until we got close to the wave. Without wasting a moment, we hopped on the jetski and sped towards the wave.

“The instant you watch a wave crashing, the loud sound as it smashes, and you realize you’re about to paddle out into it…”

As the sun was rising, we approached the wave on our jetskis, adrenaline pumped through our veins. With each moment, the wave grew bigger. As we paddled out a huge serie passed by, and on the next ones rolling towards us, we were surfing this powerful source of nature.

Pictures by Yone Estivariz